Saint James City Boat Club


Membership Meetings

Membership Meetings: 2nd Monday of each month at 4:30 pm, unless other wise noted in list below. All meeting details are emailed to each member.

 The location is rotated among member homes who volunteer to be the host and the meeting notice is emailed to members.

  • These meetings are known for their outstanding food and drink prepared by club members showing off their talents in the galley. The meeting host supplies the location, main portion of the meal, ice, cups, plates, napkins, plastic wear, beverages, beer and wine. For this concept to work, attending club members bring a side dish or dessert to compliment the meal and a generous donation to off set the cost of the main portion of the meal, supplies, and all beverages for the club meeting. 
  • The meeting host is not expected to cover the cost of food and drink out of their own pocket as this is a club gathering. The goal of donations at club meeting is for the host to break even on the cost of providing the meeting. Excess funds collected at meetings are retained by the club to support club operating expenses, purchases and charities by vote; should the expenses incurred by the host not be covered by donations collected, the outstanding balance is paid from club coffers.  On occasion club members have even arranged for live music entertainment. 
  • Please RSVP to meetings so the host can accurately plan food and drink. 
  • Volunteer to be a meeting host.




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